Sunday, 22/4/2018 UTC+1
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • The wife of a wounded soldier part 2
    The wife of a wounded soldier part 2

    A car drove in the opposite direction at high speed and collided head-on with the car they were in. It was a time of great distress because my husband had several fractures in his hip and left leg. It was a month where I was constantly crying out, asking God to relieve us from all…

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  • Take a deep breath
    Take a deep breath

    Today I want to write to you who are going through a situation that is totally out of your control.

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  • My greatest achievement
    My greatest achievement

    If I know that my biggest problem is my emotional side, which leads me to feel and live by what my eyes see and what my ears hear, every time I ignore my feelings, I am overcoming my biggest problem. So how not to get caught up in it? First I want you to know that…

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