5 Wednesdays to Purify my Faith


Two people go through the same traumatic experience: the loss of a family member; a tragedy; being diagnosed with an incurable disease; Being fired after long years of work. The first person is radically transformed and changes their story to one of success. The other falls into depression and starts obsessively questioning why it happened, and stops living as a result.

What are the differences between these people?

Their content makes the difference. What we have inside of us determines our lives. It’s worth repeating: What’s inside us will determine the life we have. This goes for our reaction to a traumatic experience and extends to whatever else we do. So, what defines this internal content? It’s a combination of several things. Yet all these things take form inside of us through the combination of a single particle—a word. What’s a word? A word is a meaning, the expression of an idea or a part of an idea. The choice of these words, their quality, and the way we form them is what makes up the content we have inside—who we are. And what we are determines how we react before good or bad situations.

If you’re downcast, fallen, or depressed before your problems, this is a reflection of poor internal content. You need to reorganise your content and throw away the negative words and meanings that formed weaknesses inside of you.

Substitute these words for those uttered by God in your respect. Make these changes. Remove the angry thoughts towards people and replace them with thoughts of forgiveness and confidence in God’s justice.

Remove the words that make you feel inferior and replace them with words that define your worth. And so on.

God has the best words to form the best content inside of you. But you need to want and search for these words. Also, reject the negative words, which don’t come from Him.

Event: 5 Wednesdays to Purify my Faith
Date: Begins 20th January 
 7.30pm also at 10am and 3pm
Venue: Your local UCKG HelpCentre

For more information call our 24-hr helpline on 086 154 5567

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