9,572 mornings

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TODAY I HEARD A SINGLE LADY say that her favorite movie is “50 First Dates” because Adam Sandler’s character spends the entire movie having to win back Drew Barrymore’s love every time she wakes up.

And I felt SORRY for this young lady’s future husband.

Believe it or not: romantic movies are a poison to your love life. In real life, no one will spend every single day of their lives trying to win back the love of the wife or the husband. It’s called “first date” for a reason! Because after that comes the second date, then the third… the thousandth – and by my accounts, today was the 9,572th morning I woke up next to Cristiane! And no, it was not like the first time (Actually, it was better, but that’s another story).

Every relationship needs to mature, understand its phases and adapt to them. When a couple does the right things, it’s normal to improve over time, but it’s a mistake after years into the relationship, looking back and wish to remain stuck on the first date, the first kiss, the first night. It sounds good for a nice Hollywood screenplay, but the truth is quite different.

Wake up to the now. The present and future of your relationship can be better than the best time you’ve had so far. Learn to deal with what the present moment is asking of you.

By Bishop Renato Cardoso


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