Be careful with what you say!

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The words we say have the power of defining our path in this world. Although a lot has been taught about the way we speak, what’s good and what’s not, a majority of people ignore this and let their tongue free to say curse words about themselves or people around them.

I see this teaching even with God, when he would change the names of people that He would use in His purposes. He would do this in order to create a new identity and to receive a new mission giving by Him.

For example, that name Abram means “high father”, but the Almighty changed it to Abraham, which means “Father of multitude, many nations.” Sarai, his wife, had her name associated with sterility. However, by God she was called Sarah, the “fertile”.

The same thing happened with Jacob, which means “he who holds the heels, usurper” and was changed to Israel, which means “prince of God, victorious”.

The Lord Jesus also immediately changed the name of Peter, formerly known as Simon, when he was brought to Him by his brother Andrew.

The Savior attributed that fickle fisherman, unstable, weak and cowardly the name of Cephas, which in Aramaic means “stone”. Exactly the opposite of what Peter was.

But this was a declaration of faith by the Lord Jesus about the man he would become.

By doing this, He determined that His disciple would become firm and strong, a true pillar for the primitive church.

Imagine how many “blunders” showing weakness, impulsiveness and instability Peter committed during his three years beside the Lord Jesus! Even so, the Lord Jesus didn’t give up in calling him “rock”. That is, our Master gave us the example that words aligned with faith can determine that people, circumstances and places will change.

It’s also worth to remember that this isn’t just a positive thought, fruit of philosophical movements of the 19th century, known as positivism, where it’s enough for a person just to believe in themselves and to just think what’s good in order for his life to be successful. We are talking about a faith in God, linked to a confession in this belief. This means, because I believe in Him, I determine, profess and wait for the fulfillment of His Word.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and he that loves it shall eat of his fruit.” Prov. 18:21


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