Wednesday, 22/8/2018 UTC+1
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • A sinister tale of the “baby blues”
    A sinister tale of the “baby blues”

    I remember my childhood clearly, when I lived back home in Brazil. I can recall the beatings, the abuse, the abandonment and the unhappiness. My mother beat me for any and every reason until my body was covered in bruises. One day she did it with a football boot; I thought I was going to…

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  • United we stand
    United we stand

    To say that my family was a mess would be an understatement! We were not united at all! Just for you to get an idea of what a broken family we were, I hated my mum because she physically abused me as a child and my older brother ran away from home and we didn’t…

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  • Enemies under the same roof
    Enemies under the same roof

    We despised each other. We couldn’t talk to one another because whenever we did, it would turn into a heated argument and physical fights. I’d never hated anyone as much as I hated her…

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  • After 11years, we got him back!
    After 11years, we got him back!

    Although we lived in the same house together, we were like complete strangers…” When my older brother passed away, my whole family was shaken by the event. But Jacob, one of my older brothers, was the most disturbed.

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  • “I wanted to go to prison because it sounded fun”
    “I wanted to go to prison because it sounded fun”

    My pathway to self-destruction had already been created when I was abused by a family member at 14-years-old. I kept the dirty little secret to myself and refused to tell anyone. A few years later when I finally mustered up the courage to do so, it was brushed aside.

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  • The Beginning of the End
    The Beginning of the End

    As a boy, my father would beat me for no reason. You have no idea how much pain this caused me. I began to hate him and I remember telling him that one day I would kill him. I meant it. One day, when I was much older, he tried to beat me and I…

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  • Under the influence
    Under the influence

    Imagine being labelled as the black sheep of your family. Despised simply because of your gender. Plagued with insecurities and questioning your existence because of the constant reminder of what you turned out not to be. Meet Shannon Alagh, a young woman whose plight forced her to leave her home at a tender age and…

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  • Facing my assassin
    Facing my assassin

    It can wreck the family home, consume one’s finances, destroy the body both inside and out and cause the mind to become a desert and wasted organ. Ricardo Perestrelo shares his story with Universal, telling a gripping tale of how he met, got sucked into the trap of and overcame the modern-day assassin: Drugs.

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