Wednesday, 20/6/2018 UTC+1
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • The faith that moved Abraham
    The faith that moved Abraham

    Abraham believed for a long time, even when there was no longer any hope of seeing his dream come true, to then be able to become the father of faith and God’s friend. Not only did he have a son, but millions, just like he was told: “So shall your descendants be. And not being weak…

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  • Being a blessing
    Being a blessing

    The aim of this campaign is not for you to just have one more testimony. That’s why we have been speaking about Abraham; God made him the blessing. There’s a huge difference between being blessed by God and becoming a blessing. Receiving a blessing doesn’t change your life. There are people who were blessed and able…

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  • Through one person
    Through one person

    Through one person, Adolf Hitler, about 70 million people were decimated during the Second World War. If the power and authority of one person that had an alliance with evil brought countless tragic consequences, the power and authority of a person that has a covenant with God can bring countless blessed consequences. Through one person,…

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  • Building Altars
    Building Altars

    Abraham was a great man; only Jesus could beat him in importance. Why? Because before his name was changed to Abraham, he was already accustomed to building altars, despite the fact that his sacrifices produced no results because he sacrificed to pagan gods. Many people don’t stay in the church because of the altar. When…

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  • The awakening of faith
    The awakening of faith

    No living being, however strong or smart they may be, is able to take action while they’re asleep. Likewise, no machine, however powerful it may be, can operate when it’s turned off. When people and machines are in an idle state, their functions cannot be performed—no matter how natural or simple they may be. Numbness…

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  • What does it mean to have faith?
    What does it mean to have faith?

    True faith comes from the Holy Spirit. This is not the same faith we are born with—natural faith, which is impossible to survive without. We use it every day. We have faith to assume natural things, such as determining that we will be home at a certain time or tomorrow we will execute a certain…

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  • Re-creation: the old and new man
    Re-creation: the old and new man

    “But you have not so learned Christ, if indeed you have heard Him and have been taught by Him, as the truth is in Jesus: that you put off, concerning your former conduct, the old man which grows corrupt according to the deceitful lusts, and be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and that…

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  • Details make all the difference
    Details make all the difference

    For an electronic device to function, each wire, no matter how small or thin it is, must be properly connected. If just one wire is disconnected, the entire function of the device is compromised. When this happens, it no longer matters how beautiful or how modern the device is. A single disconnected wire can cause…

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  • Re-creation: the procedure for a new YOU
    Re-creation: the procedure for a new YOU

    If you open a toolbox, you will notice that the tools are all different, but all of them are useful. Regardless of how often he uses them, a handyman does not make little of any of them. This principle can also be applied to the human body. Every part of it is important and necessary.…

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  • When a servant becomes a king
    When a servant becomes a king

    We are constantly seeing the damage caused by earthquakes in various parts of the world in the news. The images are striking: people frantically being shaken back and forth, trying to hold on to something without being able to gain stable footing. Many end up hit by collapsing buildings because of the tremors. Cracks and…

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