Faith without anything to lose…


Small or large, it doesn’t matter…

As a gift from the Holy Spirit, supernatural faith is the power of God within the poor in spirit. Matthew 5.3

There is no more or less when it comes to faith.

The person has it, or he doesn’t.

Because it is a gift from God, faith is individual and cannot be imposed on anyone.

Jesus spoke through parables so that those with a hardened heart, proud and hypocrites, like the chief priests and Pharisees, would not understand. Mark 4.11 Luke 8.10

This confirms that supernatural faith is not for everyone. Isaiah 53.1

For those who’ve been revealed it is the power of God within them. Small or large, it doesn’t matter.

Like a grain of sand that invades the oyster and develops into a pearl of great value, the faith that comes from God is in the hearts of the humble, ready to explode and make impossible dreams possible.

Because of its priceless value, faith takes possession of everything.

Including a new life.

The greatest virtue of faith is that it lacks personal merits to please God, Its source.

No matter how great of a sinner, the power of faith is enough to bring into being things that do not exist.

But, it takes courage to exercise it. Courage to give without anything to lose!

Otherwise, religious faith will continue to deceive.


Bishop Edir Macedo
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