God is Righteous!


It would be impossible to have a relationship with God if, first, He had not taken the initiative to communicate with us. He did this through His works, through His actions throughout history and, especially, through His Word. Therefore, we have, through these three references, a revelation of the Being of God. This is, we know Who He is, what He feels, how He acts, what He likes, and other information about His essence.

So, for man to have a relationship with the Most High, he must understand His nature.

I would like to emphasize here, the righteousness of God, which constitutes as a pillar for His Throne. This means that righteousness stands out as a prominent feature of God’s Personality and determines how the LORD governs, judges and recompenses men according to the behavior of each one.

God is righteous because He is holy! We are therefore certain that there never was nor will ever be a single fault in Him.

Because He is righteous, God created angels and men with a will of their own. We can say that this freedom cost Him the most. This power of decision brought Lucifer to his ruin when he chose to be rebellious in heaven. Adam and Eve also chose to act erroneously by choosing to disobey a Divine order in Eden. However, none of this caused the Almighty to change His mind and remove free will from His creations.

And why does He act this way?

God Almighty wants each person to reap exactly what he decided to plant, this is, man is the only one responsible for his own blessing or curse.

Isn’t this what happened with Cain and Abel?

Both brothers were free to give an offering, right? And even when it came to giving, they decided for themselves what to give, because God did not stipulate the offering He wanted to receive.

In Scripture, we find details of how much Abel was zealous, resourceful, and full of faith in preparing his offering. But when it came to Cain, there is no mention of effort or care on his part to choose what he would take to the Altar.

He did not seek the greener or more succulent foliage, much less offered grains that had been harvested in an exclusive and special way for the LORD. Therefore, through Cain’s disregard, we perceive what God meant to him: An ordinary person, that didn’t deserve anything special.

And we already know the outcome of this story.

So if, on the one hand, we have God’s freedom to choose how to serve Him, either with honor or dishonor, on the other, we cannot change the consequences that will come from how we choose to treat Him.

When He receives an offering, the Lord does not have the slightest problem with demonstrating if He approves or disapproves the offering giver. God is transparent; this is, when a perfect offering arrives on the Altar, He exalts the offering giver. On the other hand, when the Altar receives an imperfect offering, God shows His disapproval with the person that gave it.

And because of this rebuke, many have questioned the righteousness of God, the church or the pastor, when they should be looking to themselves. After all, the answer to a failure is in a person’s innermost being. These failures will never be in the Absolutely Righteous God!

You must be aware that your life depends on how you offer your life to Him. No one can interfere with our choice: not God, or the devil, or people, or circumstances. Everyone is given the liberty to glorify or despise the LORD.

I conclude by saying that, since He is God Almighty, He could impose His will with authority, but He preferred to set us free and decide our own way. And so, we are the ones who create our victory or our defeat, as it is written:

Behold, I set before you today a blessing and a curse! Deuteronomy 11.26

Bishop Edir Macedo
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