How to be born of the Spirit


The birth of the child of God does not happen through the interference of man. No church or doctrines, and much less a vast biblical knowledge, will make it easier to be born of God. To be born of the Holy Spirit is His exclusive work. The way He works this miracle of miracles continues to be the same as in the generation of Jesus.

Mary asked the angel how Jesus would be begotten in her when she had not had contact with a man. Like her, many believe that a person is born of God by accepting Jesus as their Savior and being baptized in water. Though it is a Christian doctrine, it is not enough to receive the promised new birth.

The angel answered her:

The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the Power of the Highest will overshadow you. Luke 1.35

The same way Jesus was begotten in the womb of Mary is also how the children of God are begotten by the Holy Spirit; this is, He overshadows them. During this moment, there is a lot of crying. First, of sorrow for the sins committed, since it is the Spirit who convinces. And, once a person feels completely lost, he seeks the One that can save him. Again, the Holy Spirit points to the Savior.

At this very moment, the person surrenders to the Lord Jesus with all his strength, with all his heart and with all his understanding. Then, the cry of sadness turns into an unspeakable joy. From that moment on, the person begins to have the character of God to live in newness of life.

Bishop Edir Macedo
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