How valuable are you?


According to Scotman, the Scotland’s national newspaper, football is now a multi-billion pound business. Currently, the top 10 players include Messi, Ronaldo and Zlatan with earnings starting at around £100,000 a day.

These footballers and others strive for perfection and develop their skills making them become ‘irreplaceable’ players. They weren’t just chosen; they made their dreams come true by applying every effort they had into every single try-out and game.

Some of the richest football players were not born into privilege. Cristiano Ronaldo used to live in a small tin-roofed shack that overlooked the ocean. Growing up, his life was shaped by hardship with his father working as a gardener and his mother working as a cook and cleaner in order to keep the family fed.

At the tender age of 16, Ronaldo turned heads with an unforgettable performance against Manchester United, wowing everyone with his footwork and deft skill. From that day on, he was signed and took the team to new heights. Years later he signed to Real Madrid with a record payment, which makes one wonder why he is so valuable! No one excels like him; it has even been said that when he joins a team, the other players improve, according to

This leads us to one simple question: How valuable are you?

Whether it’s at home with your wife and children, at work, or with friends, have you given your utmost best for them? Or if you were to go somewhere for a while, would it not make much of a difference to their lives?

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