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The Lord Jesus’ entire life serves as a perfect model of what we should imitate and work to be like. Today I want to point out, in this text, one of the phases of His life that I admire the most: His communion with the Father.

Since eternity, the Lord Jesus is co-equal to God (John 1.1), in other words, He shares the same deity, essence, power, and all the other attributes.

We know that the Lord Jesus always had the liberty to be and act however He wanted. However, He never used this freedom to disobey God. On the contrary, the Son made the point to emphasize that He had pleasure and was willing to submit Himself to the Father.

Because of this, when we read the Gospels, we see that our Savior made it very clear that everything He did was His Father’s will; what He spoke is what He heard from the Father; the works He did were already determined by the Father. In some moments, we see that Jesus didn’t even plan his schedule, the Father would choose the places, people and determined how His time would be spent.

Jesus lived in a corrupt world, surrounded by sinners and dressed in frailties just like us but he never stopped having incessant communion with God. Even though the Lord Jesus had left the bosom of the Father, His glory as the Only-begotten Son, the beauty in the singularity of Heaven, He guarded inside himself the shine from On High and never let Himself be influenced by anything or anyone.

Living as ONE with the Father was the greatest secret for our Lord have overcome everything. I think that, in His conscience, the presence of God was pulsing inside of Him as if He was looking into His eyes constantly.

This is how it is with whoever has communion with Him, they’re not scared to be alone, of misunderstandings, injustices or any other kind of evil.

Jesus knew that he would be rejected by the high leaders of Israel, be betrayed by one of His disciples and would be abandoned by the rest, however, He did not feel alone or resentful.

“And He who sent Me is with Me. The Father has not left Me alone, for I always do those things that please Him.” (John 8.29)

Even with the expectation of living the darkest moments of His existence, when men lifted up Him up on the cross to die as an evildoer, Jesus blunted His vision. He was certain He would be crucified but as a Savior and Servant. When those who became His enemies tried to embarrass Him, they were leading Him victorious back to His Home. When they embarrassed Him publically, spiritually they were crowing Him with glory.

While the cross was the greatest embarrassment in the world, for Jesus, it was the greatest instrument of revealing His identity as the Messiah. Only it would show the world the precious Name that God gave men to be saved: JESUS. Only this way would His love be proved by humanity by giving a perfect Offering.

Therefore, don’t find it strange if on the way to honor, God allows you to be humiliated, because this is the way He crowns us with the greatest exaltation: eternal life. But in for this to happen, we have to learn to live like the Lord Jesus, who ALWAYS did what pleased the Father.



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