Saturday, 21/4/2018 UTC+1
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • A Divine Tool
    A Divine Tool

    A crisis of faith happens when you stop exercising it. When you do not stimulate your body, the muscles become flaccid, and the body deteriorates faster. The same happens with faith. Without stimuli, it becomes complacent, and its practice is relegated to religiosity. God has allowed us to experience problems precisely so that our faith…

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  • Sit down first to calculate the cost
    Sit down first to calculate the cost

      There is only one way to achieve what is beyond our reach: when we are an ally of God. And there is also only one way to be an ally of God: when we manifest a conscious faith in Him and His Word. The impossible is no longer impossible before such Faith. Other beliefs,…

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  • Action or Prayer?

    Recognizing when is the right moment to pray or take action is fundamental in conquering the benefits of faith. Often, we turn to prayer when we should be taking action. Others times, we act when we should be praying. For this reason, opportunities are lost, and defeats are obtained. The example of Moses serves as…

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  • Why worry?

    One of the greatest mortal sins is to worry too much about other people’s opinions. Those who occupy their thoughts with such things are wasting precious time. Instead, they could be attentive, trying to listen to ideas and inspirations from above and be useful to the Most High. You cannot wait around, expecting the seal…

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  • Faith and religion
    Faith and religion

    Some people were intrigued when I declared my repudiation of religions. They did not understand. After explaining, no matter how clear I tried to be, they still did not understand. See if you can understand. Religion separates people, it creates friction and divides homes and families. It is the most evil Satanic creation on the face…

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  • Our daily burdens
    Our daily burdens

      However heavy our daily burden may be, it is still light when we take the yoke of the Lord Jesus. When a person complains about the burden of the cross, the burden of the Christian cause or his yoke, you can be absolutely sure that this has nothing to do with the yoke of…

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  • In Spirit and Truth
    In Spirit and Truth

    The Lord Jesus teaches that God the Father seeks worshipers who worship Him in spirit and truth. But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. John 4.23 When it says in spirit, the Lord eliminates any…

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  • Lord of who?
    Lord of who?

    An employee obeys his boss because he doesn’t want to risk losing his job. After all, if he loses his job, he and his family may be destined to misery and hunger. However, the fear of losing eternal life does not seem to bother most of those who claim to believe in Jesus as their…

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  • Hurdles and Sin
    Hurdles and Sin

    When man surrenders his life to the Lord Jesus, he begins the greatest race in his existence, which lasts until his last breath. This race is meant to test his faith so he can win the ultimate prize: Salvation. The battle is difficult and long; it requires patience, resistance and perseverance to finish what was…

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  • Merits of Faith
    Merits of Faith

    Now the just shall live by faith; but if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him. Hebrews 10.38 To exercise Faith requires courage. Courage to sacrifice self-will in exchange for God’s will; Courage to sacrifice obedience to the Word of God in exchange for His Promises; Courage to sacrifice the body in…

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