Thursday, 22/2/2018 UTC+0
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • The love of money
    The love of money

    The subject of knowing how to distinguish and understand the words of Jesus when it comes to wealth is so strong that He had to clearly explain it to His disciples. This way, there would be no doubts regarding God’s perspective on this matter. Then Jesus looked around and said to His disciples, “How hard…

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  • The children of Abraham
    The children of Abraham

    Everything that we plant on the Altar is multiplied. Abraham is an example of this, because he placed his son on the Altar and had (has) his descendants multiplied by God. And said: “By Myself I have sworn, says the Lord, because you have done this thing, and have not withheld your son, your only…

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  • Where to look?
    Where to look?

    The answer to our failures, to why the Almighty God does not manifest Himself like He promised and desires, is simple, it’s as clear as day. God said: Look to Abraham and Sarah… Isaiah 51.2 Ask yourself: “Who and where am I looking?” Lot, Abraham’s nephew, walked with Abraham and saw him express his faith in…

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  • Do not give sleep to your eyes
    Do not give sleep to your eyes

    Not only do all those who sincerely surrender their life to the Lord Jesus have the right to receive the Holy Spirit, but they also need to receive Him.  David had a dream, which turned into a major concern – to find a place for the presence of God to live: “Surely I will not…

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  • The test
    The test

    What is the purpose of putting someone to the test? What can be expected from this? When it comes to man, tests are meant to find out if the person is capable of growing, whether it’s at work, to get a job, to pass to the next grade in school, to get accepted into college,…

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  • Let’s move the heavens!
    Let’s move the heavens!

    The Universal Church has brought to the world’s attention the existence of a God Who is living, great and mighty. He is capable of transforming any situation. However, those who think that simply attending meetings is enough for their lives to change are highly mistaken. Today, the manifestation of the power of God does not…

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  • The path of justice
    The path of justice

    God has given us the right to choose. He shows us the path of life and death. The path of life is the path of justice, and the path of death is the path of injustice, therefore, we are the ones who decide which path to take! Usually, people like to point the finger and…

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  • Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done!
    Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done!

    There is nothing better, more noble or that brings a greater sense of privilege to someone that has received the Holy Spirit, other than winning souls. This is why he will fulfill the Lord Jesus’ command wherever he goes, with the same dedication he had in the beginning of his calling. No matter where he…

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  • Sincere repentance
    Sincere repentance

    May the Lord God Almighty be with each one of you and your family and, may this day be filled with His presence. I would like to share a tip with those who are seeking to receive the Holy Spirit, and this is: SINCERE REPENTANCE. Sincere repentance involves the following steps of sacrifice: Acknowledge your…

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  • How to live by faith
    How to live by faith

    Open your spiritual eyes so that you may understand the Word of the Most High and have the courage to obey it! Today’s tip is about how to live by faith. “…for whatever is not from faith is sin.” (Romans 14:23) When you lie down, lie down by faith. Do not lie down thinking that you’re…

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