Friday, 23/3/2018 UTC+0
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • True elegance
    True elegance

    A person’s proper development does not happen overnight, it is a continuous process that should begin early in life. Most parents have a difficult time with the most important requirements in their child’s education: setting limits and teaching the fundamental rules of human coexistence. When we learn that we are not the centre of attention,…

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  • Like headless chickens
    Like headless chickens

    Biblically, there was not one servant of God who obeyed without faith or who manifested his faith without obedience. In those times, as in the present, the disobedient are empty of the Spirit of God. They have faith in certain situations, but not for obeying. Disobeying believers, like rebellious unbelievers, do not consider God’s judgment.…

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    PHYSICAL INFIDELITY happens when you sexually engage with another person; but there’s also EMOTIONAL INFIDELITY, which happens when you let your heart be led by feelings and fantasies about other people. You take from your partner what is exclusively theirs and give it to someone else. This is why Jesus warned us that just by…

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  • Love Talk – Live
    Love Talk – Live

    What comes to mind when you think of ‘love’? Many would say the butterflies in your stomach when you see that particular someone, or perhaps you might think of marriage. Some may even say that love is non-existent and just a myth. Whatever you think, everyone needs love. As human beings, it has actually been…

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  • The partner who lies
    The partner who lies

    NO RELATIONSHIP can withstand lies. Sometimes the liar does it out of fear. Fear is a great generator of lies. Any lie is a character flaw, but fear makes it even worse. Therefore, to stop lying, the partner must first confront their fears and overcome them. The problem is that many couples do not cultivate…

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  • PEACE: impossible without this decision
    PEACE: impossible without this decision

    WHO WANTS PEACE? The answer is obvious. However, what is not obvious is that peace is not achieved without forgiveness.  Having peace will be impossible, as long as we fail to understand that we need the forgiveness of those whom we hurt and that we need to forgive them when they hurt us. Be it…

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  • What if you put yourself in the other person’s shoes?
    What if you put yourself in the other person’s shoes?

    LOVE INCLUDES always thinking about how to make your partner’s life better. You strive to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and imagine what he or she is going through. Then ask yourself: “What would I like done to me if I were in this situation?”  If you had worked the whole day at…

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  • Success in career vs. Success in love
    Success in career vs. Success in love

    Nowadays women are prepared to be independent, which is excellent for their careers, but in some cases, FATAL for their relationships. Men are simple to love. All we want is a woman who is pleasant. A woman who takes care of her husband, treats him with respect and is his companion. We don’t resent their…

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