Wednesday, 22/8/2018 UTC+1
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

It seemed impossible to change


My name is Anny Caroline Leite Souza da Silva. From a young age I suffered with depression, constant headaches and saw shadow figures. I felt hatred towards my father and wanted to kill him.

I dressed differently to draw everyone’s attention and cut myself because of a deep sadness.

In an attempt to fill my void, I got involved with several guys. This behavior was just an effort to fill the void.

Then, one day I received an invitation to participate in the Universal Church youth group and this is when I made the decision to change my life.

I surrendered my life to God, was baptized in water and decided to make a commitment with Him. During the Priority Vigil, I determined in my heart that I would leave a different person. One Anny went before the Altar, but another Anny walked back to her seat.

I was so happy, because I was baptized with the Holy Spirit!

I’m thankful to the work of the VYG, because through them I found a marvelous God and today He is a priority in my life. My marriage is blessed. My husband also received the Holy Spirit, and we want to serve God above anything else.

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  1. Givemore Nyaude

    My name is Givemore Nyaude I’m was addicted too with sex I’m was a womenaiser but the day i was invited to YPG (Youth Power Group) I become a free from my addiction.Maybe you have the same problem find any UCKG church around you you’ll find solution there.Thank you.


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