John Dalessandro

photo_2017-12-15_08-14-16photo_2017-12-15_08-14-10I suffered from horrific panic attacks,
depression and anxiety for years

I could not live a normal life because of the constant feeling of dying.The deaths of family members and bad experiences I faced in the past caused me a lot of traumas making me to be completely messed up in my head in a such a way that I had no ambition in life.

I hit rock bottom when I reached a point in life where all I wanted to do was to smoke cannabis and abuse cocaine to the point of being heavily addicted and dependent on them which led to health and mental problems.

I was invited by my mother to the Universal Church and today I live a totally transformed and fulfilled life.

I don’t suffer from panic attacks anymore, I am free from depression, anxiety and totally free from drugs for over 11 years.

Today I have direction in life, I am an aspiring actor and a qualified personal trainer.


John Dalessandro

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