Macabre Obsession


What good is it to speak in tongues and have a bad character?

Satan is like this: he speaks all earthly and strange tongues, yet he continues to kill, steal, and destroy.

On the other hand, Jesus, though He was anointed with the Holy Spirit, never spoke in tongues. At least He never did in front of men.

The anxiety to speak in tongues has been terrifying!
Such thirst seems greater than the thirst to be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Why is there such concern to speak in tongues?
Why must people see to believe…
They want to see themselves speaking in tongues so they could convince themselvesthey ‘ve been baptized.

This thought is satanic!
It is a clear sign of doubt!

They think speaking in tongues guarantees their baptism.
Little do they know that not all those who speak in tongues are baptized with the Holy Spirit.

The fact is:

They are not focused on turning away from the wrong path,
Or repenting;
Or being forgiven;
Or interested in getting “married” to the Lord Jesus;
Or having an encounter with Him!

But they insist on wanting to speak in tongues!

This obsession is the reason they have not been sealed yet.

Think with me:

How is Jesus going to baptize someone that is not interested in knowing Him? Someone that only thinks about speaking in tongues?

The same applies to many that are unhappy in their marriage. They wanted to get married because they dreamed about the wedding dress, the guests, the party, the photos, the gifts, the wedding night, etc.

Many candidates for the baptism with the Holy Spirit, who are also supposed to be “brides” of Jesus, dream of speaking in tongues.

As long as they think this way, they will be frustrated.

Tongues are a gift, like the gift of healing, miracles, help, administrations, etc. 1 Corinthians 12.28-30.

Because it is a gift, not everyone that is baptized with the Holy Spirit speaks in tongues. This is what the apostle teaches in 1 Corinthians 12.30.

The purpose of the gift of tongues is not to confirm the baptism with the Holy Spirit, but to edify yourself.

He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself… 1 Corinthians 14.4

Therefore, invest your entire life in a marriage with the Lord Jesus. Not with speaking in tongues!

Repent of your hidden sins, pour out your soul, cleanse it, remove your pride, vanity, and pour out everything that is within you at His feet…

When you finish cleaning your soul and there is not even a little smudge of dirt inside, then the fullness of the Holy Spirit will have room to abide within you.

Bishop Edir Macedo
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