My husband is no longer a gambler

2017-09-19 21.52.53Repeatedly my husband and I were betrayed by relatives, friends and business partners. We worked hard but we lost lots of money by trusting in people and luck. My husband was also a bettor, which made our financial situation even worse. He would lose all his money on bets that only brought more debts and problems to our home. This made me hold grudges and unforgiveness towards people who hurt me and my family. I was also a person who hated correction, proud and very  judgemental. I didn’t like the way I was and wanted to change but I couldn’t. However after coming to the UCKG HelpCentre, I was able to forgive everyone who hurt me and let go of all the bitterness that I carried for long time. Today I’m very happy because my husband is no longer a gambler, my finances have been restored and my family too. Today I’m a forgiving, humble and caring person.


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