Onalenna Ntshingane

Before coming to the Universal Church I was lost, my life was a mess, I didn’t have hope for the future and I was living day by day not really knowing why I was still alive. I was depressed, I had anxiety, I had problems with sexual dreams, I had insecurities, was shy, I thought I was worthless, the only thing that I could think of was to die. So for me to escape my reality I lived the night life going to the clubs everyweeked, drinking and smoking weed. To my friends I pretend to be someone I was not, I was fake so for me to keep up with those lies I made, pretending that my life was great, I got involved in a bad relationship just so that I could be taken care of by a man. The man was married in another country and he also sold drugs. There were time he would see his clients with me and I knew that being with him was bad and could get me in trouble but I couldn’t leave him because he was my only hope to survival.

But as I started to attend the Universal Church, God opened my eyes to see why I was still alive, to see my purpose in life, He helped me to know who I was. today I’m no longer lonely anymore, I have peace, I have no insecurities but instead I love myself, I’m confident, I’m no longer full of complexes, I don’t need to be drunk to talk and to have fun anymore and I’m really looking forward to the future.

Today I can say that I’m truly happy. I’m fulfilled from inside out.

Onalenna Ntshingane


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