Friday, 20/7/2018 UTC+1
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

One idea goes a long way

casestudies-inI had no idea that the Campaign of Israel would create a potential avenue for financial success.

I’m just 19 and I wanted to put God to the test because I refused to be a failure. I had been predicted low grades in my GCSE’s and because of that, I was rejected from all of my chosen colleges.

I didn’t know what to do but turn to the altar. I gave my all, not only in my sacrifice, but also in the amount of hard work I put into studying. In the end, I proved all of the teachers who didn’t believe in me wrong. I gained six A’s, three B’s and a distinction! Because of my great results I was able to pick the college that I wanted to go to.

But that wasn’t all. During the Campaign, I was inspired to start The Sister’s Wardrobe – a business that sells jewellery and other accessories. It has grown so much and is doing very well.

Who said you have to be a certain age to be successful?

Victoria Azubuike


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