Persecution in Africa


Hello, bishop!

I am writing to let you know what happened here in Central Africa. Last week, there was an attack by the Seleka Muslim militia on some Christian churches in a neighborhood here in the capital. Five pastors were killed.

Because of this, the Christian militia invaded a Muslim neighborhood and killed seven Muslims – six were set on fire and one beheaded.

On Sunday, we had 712 people in our main meeting. When I finished the meeting, I was informed that there were two policemen at the door of the Church. They were sent by the local authorities, because it was being announced on the radio that the rebel militia was planning another attack on Christian churches. When I spoke with the policemen, they confirmed this information.

Bishop, we are in the faith and 100% calm. The reason I’m writing is not because of fear or anything of the sorts, it’s just so that you are aware of what’s happening.

Since Friday, they have cut off our water and electricity supply. We’ve been using the generator until the problem is resolved. Even with all this, the Church was packed today, thank God!

I see the fact that authorities sent the police as a good sign, because this shows that the Church has caught their attention, since we didn’t ask for them to do this.

Bishop, the devil is tied-up! If he is rising against us, it’s just proof that the Work is bothering him. I want you to know that my wife and I are happy and in the faith, because we know that this is a sign of victory and we will continue to move forward. We are well, and the Work continues.

God bless you! You can count on us.

Pastor Marcelo Trindade

Bishop Edir Macedo
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