“Pornography ruined my life”


Illusion, fear, curiosity and fleshly lusts. These are some feelings that make people surrender themselves to the world of pornography, either to indulge their own desires or simply influenced by their partners.

Viewers of this type of content allege that they watch it to “spice up” their relationship or as another way to feel pleasure when their partners are not nearby. However, they turn a blind eye to the fact that those images made up by the porn industry could turn that desire into compulsion, bringing serious issues into their personal, love and professional life.

According to a survey carried out by Cambridge University, based in the United Kingdom, addiction to pornography resembles drug and alcohol dependence. Another survey conducted by the Clinical Hospital Psychiatric Institute of Sao Paulo, in Brazil, says that pornography causes suffering and, as the time passes by, addicts isolate themselves from their family and friends. As their time is no longer well managed, they ultimately skip meals throughout the day to simply satisfy their sexual desires.

Terry Crews, who plays Julius on the TV show “Everybody hates Chris”, says on a video posted on a social network that he was addicted to pornography. Crews has said that pornography had ruined his life for years and years but he finally acknowledged he needed help.

watch the actor’s testimony on the video below

Pornography misinterprets the concept that people have about sex. Porn actors perform situations that people would not normally do in real life, some of them even star on bizarre and humiliating scenes. “Pornography is a fake propaganda. It brings up dependency and requires greater use in order to satisfy the addict”, says the host of The Love School TV program, Renato Cardoso.

If you are going through a problem just like Terry Crews and you find yourself with no strength to deal with it do as he did; seek help. 

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