Remain focused


A young man goes up to the pastor and says: Pastor, I’m not coming to church anymore!
The pastor then asked: Why?

The young man replied: Because I saw one woman badmouthing another, that man over there gives terrible testimony outside, that other one criticizes you about the campaign.

So the pastor said to him: Okay! All I ask is that, before you leave, do me a favor. Get a glass filled with water and walk around the church three times. There’s a catch; you must do this without spilling a single drop of water on the floor. After you do this, then you can leave the church.

The boy thought: That’s super easy…
And the young man walked around the church three times.

When he finished, he said: I’m done, pastor!

And the pastor asked him: Did you see the woman badmouthing the other one while you were walking around the church?
The young man said: No!

– Did you hear anyone complain about the campaign?
– No!

– Do you know why? You were focused on the cup so that you wouldn’t spill any water. The same happens in our lives when our focus is on the Lord Jesus, and we are careful not to lose our Salvation. When we do this, then we won’t have time to pay attention to other people’s mistakes.

Let’s keep our faith healthy. Don’t let go of what we have most precious, which is our Salvation.

Bishop Edir Macedo
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