Every Wednesday

When we speak of revival, we mean bringing something back to life or back into existence.

In the case of a garden where plants have withered and are not growing as expected, reviving the garden would mean pulling out the weeds that assemble around the plants and then fertilising the soil, in order for the plants to grow well.

Using the same principle, the Wednesday revival meeting awakens and stimulates those whose faith has been weakened. The meetings will benefit everyone who:

  • wants to get closer to God
  • wants to be baptised with the Holy Spirit
  • wants to be assured of their salvation

Every Wednesday you are invited to attend these meetings, which provide practical tips.

Event:  Wednesdays of Revival
 Every Wednesday 
7.30pm (also at 10am & 3pm)
At your local UCKG HelpCentre


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  1. When I come to the church I was a nothing to my family and friends .But now they see me how I chánge God has change me into a new person I can talk now for myself.My son have talk my friends am the servid at home .But now I can standup for myself and I think God for that Amen in Jesus name

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