Seeing the good instead of the bad


As humans, we reason  and form  judgements by what we see and hear from other people. So why is it that some people always think negatively when a  certain person or particular situation comes to mind?

Your mind is like a judge: it needs a range of information to come to a decision about a subject. Your eyes are effectively the lawyers. If you are constantly looking at the faults of people or the world you live in, then you are only filtering negativity to your mind.

Sometimes it feels like we need magnifying glasses to see the positivity in others. For example, maybe at your workplace, you realise that your colleague is constantly late; however, you fail to see that they work hard. Perhaps you are quick to criticise your spouse for being untidy, but you do not acknowledge that he or she is a provider or is caring. Or maybe you blame yourself for the bad that happens in your life, but you do not praise yourself for doing well.

Understandably, everyone has their own imperfections. But if you always see the bad in people, then the problem originates with you, not them. By choosing to see the good in people, as well as yours, it allows you to improve your relations with people, whether at work, at home or in public.

To elaborate on the point that everyone carries respectable traits, let us look at the President-elect of America, Donald Trump. You might be able to list his countless imperfections, but millions of Americans were able to look past these to see the good in him, hence why they voted for him.

So what is preventing you from seeing the positive in other people or in yourself? If you would like to learn more ways to cleanse negativity from your life, join the Friday services at your local UCKG HelpCentre.


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