The Campaign of Mount Sinai


Receiving a new story

Moses was led to the desert after leaving Egypt, where he met God on His natural altar when he went up to the top of Mount Sinai. There, he saw a phenomenon – not just an ordinary, dry bush, but a burning bush. It was on fire but was not being consumed by the flames. What was an average plant had become a great wonder, and after Moses’ encounter with God there, he would never be the same again. Moses went up to Mount Sinai as just a man, but he came down as a great leader. The sacrificial climb bore fruits for Israel, giving birth to a nation. This is the purpose of this Campaign of Mount Sinai. You could be the next phenomenon; your life could be a great wonder just as it has become for these two people, who learnt to use their sacrificial faith to achieve the life that they wanted.


hat have now reflects what has gone on the Altar

“Before I came to the UCKG HelpCentre, I had nothing. I heard what was being preached from the Altar and decided that I would do my best to do what it takes. The early sacrifices that I made were of £100 and £300. Back then, that was a lot of money. But now that is not a lot for my wife and I. We can spend that amount on lunch, and that is because of the blessings that God has given to us. I climbed Mount Sinai and God blessed all areas of my life. Today our sacrifices, humanly speaking, sound like great amounts, but to God they are nothing. I am an entrepreneur. My wife and I have various businesses, and everywhere we go, we get the best. When the opportunity to sacrifice arises, I do it and God has resolved many of our problems. This year, one of our contracts for 12 properties on behalf of an investor was rescinded and we lost the properties. They were worth between £11million – £13million, but because of our sacrificial faith, we got them all back. We have also exchanged contracts for 39 units to be built in an affluent area in North London. My family and I are very happy. I drive a Bentley Bentayga, a Porsche Macan, a BMW and a Citroën. I have an apartment in North London and a house in Kent. What I have now reflects what has gone on the Altar.”

Efe and Tombi Eghobamien



My new story

“Before I came to the UCKG HelpCentre, I had come out of a broken relationship. I had a daughter from that relationship and actually, once in the UCKG, we got back together, got married and then divorced. It was so disappointing because you think you’ve made it in a sense that everything was fine and he’d changed, but we were happy for only two or three months. After that, things started going downhill. He was a drug addict and he would do anything to satisfy his addiction. In the HelpCentre, I went up to Mount Sinai and participated in two Campaigns for my love life. I told God that I wanted His will to be done; I wanted to be complete and for my daughter to have a united family. I never envisioned John as a potential future partner. I sacrificed money; I fasted, did spiritual sacrifices and prayed more. John eventually started attending the UCKG after overdosing and developing an anxiety disorder and having panic attacks. He began to use his faith and stopped taking drugs and doing all that he knew was wrong. God showed me that His will was for me to be with John. He brought us back together. On Sunday 27 November 2016, I got married to John again. We were separated for seven years. He is a completely changed man; there is no resentment from the past. I am very happy now. I love John very much and believe that he is a gift from God. Sacrifice is the way forward and it has given us a brand new story.”

Lisa Zapata


This is the opportunity to use your sacrificiafaithFor more information on how to send your request to Gods chosen altar – Mount Sinaiup until December 18thgive us a call on 086 154 5567.

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