The Feminine vs the Domineering Woman

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True feminine behavior doesn’t mean a wife will always agree with her husband. Sometimes, depending on the situation, it’s necessary to strongly disagree. A woman’s femininity will not disregard her intelligence, rationality and ability to argue valid opinions.

In a bulletproof marriage, a STRONG wife is a valuable asset for her husband. She can offer him enlightening feedback, help him consider an aspect he may have overlooked, and even respectfully rebuke him when he is wrong – without belittling him or compromising her feminine side.

Now, a domineering woman wants to be her husband’s boss. She may even have things her way, but at the same time, she will resent the lack of manhood in the man she herself has castrated. She’s a woman in conflict with herself: while she enjoys the power she has over him, deep down, she considers him a wimp for putting up with the kind of treatment she gives him.





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