The glory of the children


Children are born of their parents’ conjugal relationship. They are natural; they follow the Law of Nature. But the children of God are not born of the Law of Nature. Instead, they are born of faith in the Lord Jesus, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

It is not enough to believe in Jesus and not have an experience with His Spirit.

For example, a person may read this text, but not understand the message. This happens because the understanding of spiritual things requires spirituality.

This spirituality can only be achieved through the personal interference of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, there is no understanding.

The same applies to accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. If the Holy Spirit does not touch you, there is no way to be born of God.

The birth of a child of God occurs in a triangulation between man, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

When a person recognizes Jesus as the Lord of his life and forsakes his sins, he is washed with the Blood that He shed on the cross.

Once purified, the Holy Spirit begins to dwell in His body, making it His Temple. From there on, he becomes a new creation.

Thoughts, understanding, heart, vision, everything, everything, everything changes within. The way of thinking, of being and acting becomes completely different than before.

Inferiority complexes, traumas, hurt and resentment disappear like smoke, without leaving any traces.
The person absorbs the character of God, in His image. He becomes a new woman or a new man.
Bishop Edir Macedo
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