The Last Day…

IMG_2017-02-27 08:20:22It could have been on the first day;

Or any other day,

But it happened on the last day,

The GREAT DAY OF THE FEAST, where Jesus stood and cried out

There are two ways to cry out: you can cry out because you’ve revolted against a situation or to shout in a tone of praise.

Jesus must have mixed revolt with joy;

Revolt against seeing His people illuded by so little and,

Joy to present a proposal for a feast that would not have a day to end.

It is true that the Feast of Tabernacles brought together the families of a suffering nation, under one faith;

It was a milestone in their religious tradition,

But it did not meet their needs and desires.

He, Jesus, began that nation with His friend Abraham,

He made magnificent promises…

But because he lost his vision of faith, the people also lost their vision of faith.

They were content with the mere joys of the present day,

A feast, a joy, the last day…

When He cried out,

If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink…

Jesus was saying, if someone wants something that will make him happy forever, come to Me…

Drink from My water, of My Spirit…

This will make your last day of feast become your first day of eternity.

I will make a Wellspring flow in you,

A Wellspring that will flow Rivers of Living Water,

Rivers of glorious and eternal laughter.

Who will be His guests?

Nobles? Those who are on top? The powerful people of this world?


Only the tired, overburdened, sad and oppressed;

Those who are sick and bored of frivolous feasts;

Those who are empty, hungry and troubled…

Those who lament the fame, success, money and pleasures of this world, which are things that do not satisfy their innermost cries.

If you feel like you are being invited, then you are invited!

Drink the Water of Jesus and receive new life.

The Holy Spirit comes upon you RIGHT NOW.

And the Breath of Life, the Spirit of Life, the Essence of Life, the Air of Life flows from your inner most being.

…And your heart will rejoice, and your joy no one will take from you, John 16.22

Be a vessel of honor for the glory of the Lord Jesus!

This Wednesday in the In Dublin, Cork & Belfast.

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