The Work of the Angels


Did you know…?

Few people know about the work of angels. Maybe you didn’t know that angels:

  • exist to assist you
  • can guide you in the right direction
  • comfort you in times of trouble
  • strengthen you
  • encamp around you to protect you
  • deliver you from danger
  • are sent to your help in response to prayer
  • strengthen you to overcome your problems

These are only a few of their duties.

Do you need the help of an angel? Do you want to know how you can have them assist you? Do you feel that ‘your angel’ has been far from you or too weak to protect you?

On every Fridays, “The Work of the Angels” at your local UCKG HelpCentre. There, you will learn what the work of angels are— but most importantly, you will understand how to receive God’s help through the angels.

If you need a “helping hand” with life’s problems, angels are standing by to help you.

Can you really afford to miss out?

“He shall give His angels charge over you to guard you in all your ways.” (Psalms 91:11)

Things could have been a lot different

“On the morning of July 7, 2005 bombings. I was on my way to work, but was delayed by circumstances beyond my control. 

When I arrived at the tube station, the train was already at the platform. I always travel in the first few carriages, but this time I jumped on board at the back of the train. 

The journey went smoothly until we’d just left Kings Cross station. There was a loud bang and the train came to a violent stop. All the lights went out and the emergency lights came on. 

Then smoke started pouring into the carriage. We could hear screaming in the carriage next to us. The doors were finally opened after half an hour and we followed the tracks out of the station. 

I phoned my workplace to let them know I’d been delayed and they advised me to take the number 30 bus, but I decided just to walk. Little did I know that after a few minutes later, another bomb would blow up the bus I was supposed to be on… 

Later when I found out what had happened, all I could do was praise God. He was protecting me and I didn’t even realise it. If I’d been in the carriage that I normally board, or had taken the number 30 bus, things could have turned out a lot different.” – Lisa Bradnock

Event: The Work of the Angels
Date:  Every Friday
Time: 7.30pm (also at , 10am & 3pm)
Venue: At your local UCKG HelpCentre



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