Christmas Service

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If you were to ask most people today, “What are your reasons for looking forward to Christmas?” they would probably answer you in relation to giving and receiving gifts, spending time with family, or enjoying the period spent off work or school. Rarely will you hear an answer that shows appreciation for Jesus.

The festive season comes along once a year and for that reason, it brings a sense of joy and relief, which some, especially the younger ones, eagerly await. Yet, over the years, people have carelessly pushed the Lord to the side during Christmas. Advert after advert on “special offers” are played on TV, subconsciously placing materialistic items on top of peoples’ Christmas priorities, thus pushing Jesus further down.

With so many attractive events and activities happening during Christmas, one can never run out of ideas or plans. “Where do I go?” “What do I wear?” It seems that most people are mainly concerned about the entertainment choices that come with the holidays. Well, along with enjoying that, we should also take the time to reflect on our year.

No doubt, something significant has happened during this year, you may have prospered financially, overcome a particular situation with the support of the Lord, etc. With this in mind, we can use the same energy and motivation that we have for other Christmas activities to acknowledge Him for the blessings we have received and the ones that are yet to come.

This year, Christmas Day falls on a Monday – a sacred day. For this reason, the Universal Church will be dedicating a special service to Jesus on the 25th December. Remembering all that the Lord has done for you, come and devote a small amount of your time to thank Him before unwinding with family and friends at home.

Jesus Day – Christmas Day service

Date: Christmas Day, 25th December 2017
Time: 10am
Venue: Your local UCKG HelpCentre

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