Tip: Whole and resolved

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When a person is not emotionally whole and resolved, they run a serious risk when starting a relationship: making their partner their everything.

They tend to find their sense of worth and love in their partner. And so, they become suffocating, for their partner is their sole source of love and worth.

Anything their partner does (or doesn’t do) that does not meet their expectations will immediately be seen as an attack or evidence of lack of love.

You need to be whole and resolved to start a relationship.

– Two broken people can’t make a relationship whole.

– A broken person makes their partner’s life hell.

– Only two whole people can make a relationship healthy and complete.

How can you become whole and resolved? How can you heal emotional wounds? How can you fix what you don’t even know is broken?

That’s why the Love Therapy exists — a seminar for smart singles and couples.


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