Why haven’t I’ve been born of God yet?


There is no one more interested in bringing forth children of God than the Holy Spirit. But this cannot be accomplished without the sincere desire of man.

The Creator cannot impose His will on someone, since He gave us free will.

The problem is that people only manifest their desire on the outside, but inside they are not always truly willing.

The churches are crowded with this kind of people. They show one thing before the Altar, but inside they contradict themselves. Pure hypocrisy! They are true actors. They know how to play any role. They can be good one day and bad the next.

This kind of behavior stops the action of the Holy Spirit. What is the use of accepting Jesus, reading the Bible and praying? Doesn’t God see your interior?

They can hide their real intentions from everything and everyone, but not the Holy Spirit! No one can hide anything from Him.

This hypocrisy obviously makes it difficult for the Spirit of God to restore them.

The only way to get over these hidden sins is to pour out your heart and openly expose them and abandon them. Only then will He be able to make you born again!

Bishop Edir Macedo
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