Why have I experienced intense bitterness?

Why is it that, even though I believe in God, my life is a living hell? Was I born to suffer? Is this my destiny? Test? Karma? Bad luck? I never hurt anyone. If I can’t help, at least I don’t get in the way. However, my life is a disaster. I got married because I dreamt of starting a new life. But since then, my problems have multiplied. Does God really exist? And if He does, why doesn’t anything work out for me?


There are two masters in the world. Good and evil. Regardless of religion, race, culture, social class, education, belief or disbelief in God. Each person serves one or the other. Whether you want to be or not, whether you believe or not, this is a fact. There is no escaping this condition.

I was born a servant of evil. Not by choice, but because of my parents’ ignorance. In my teens, I was introduced to the Lord of Good. Up until then, my religious blindness was so intense that I did not realize how lost I was. I sincerely believed that the church of saint so and so was enough to keep me out of the Lake of Fire and Sulfur. Revelation 20.15

I have no words to describe those moments. All I know is that my eyes and ears were opened and I was able to contemplate my Lord, to listen and understand His Word. An indescribable joy took hold of my being. I did not know whether to laugh or cry, such was the joy in my soul. I had never experienced anything like this. An enormous weight was lifted from my soul, and the void was filled with heavenly joy. I received a new heart and, consequently, a new life. This is the work of the Lord of Light. To create new life. Perfectly new.

I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness,” said the Lord Jesus. This means that whoever does not follow Him walks in darkness. This is the reason why many people’s lives are a living hell.

If an employer is an oppressor, the employee will be oppressed. However, if an employer is fair, the employee is pleased to serve him.

Your life depends on the master you serve. Those who want to change their life must first change their master.

A person may receive a miracle, but if he does not change masters, his life will continue to be horrible.
May the Spirit of God open the minds of the servants of evil!


Bishop Edir Macedo
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