Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done!


There is nothing better, more noble or that brings a greater sense of privilege to someone that has received the Holy Spirit, other than winning souls. This is why he will fulfill the Lord Jesus’ command wherever he goes, with the same dedication he had in the beginning of his calling. No matter where he is, the most important thing for him is to take the Gospel to everyone (Mark 16.15).

Of course, there are people everywhere suffering and seeking solace, but if we look to Africa, where more than half the population lives in poverty, epidemics and ethnic conflicts, we will see how following Jesus’ command is not just a mission, but a commitment of faith and responsibility to His Word. It is thanks to the execution of this order, by God-fearing and obedient servants, that millions of Africans have come to know, embrace and live by faith and hope for better and prosperous days, not only financially, but, above all, spiritually. By changing the way we think, we begin to change our perspective, focus and vision, especially about ourselves, and this is precisely what many Africans have learned through the Word of God.

In countries such as Angola, Gabon, Kenya, Cameroon, Madagascar, Rwanda, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa and many others, evangelists, assistants, pastors and bishops have taken to the streets, city squares, houses, hospitals and nomadic villages, such as the Massai, spreading the Lord Jesus’ Message of Salvation, deliverance and healing. Through this Work, many Africans have received the Gospel, been delivered, healed, saved and become transformed members of society, and taking the same Word of faith and Salvation they received to others that are in need of help.

This explains the importance of forming new servants of God, who have been raised up by the Holy Spirit. This is, if they were saved by faith, delivered by the Word and baptized with His Spirit, it is natural for this cycle of Salvation to be continued through them, reaching out to more people so that they can be saved, delivered and baptized too.

And that’s not all. When a person’s soul is saved from hell, their life, future, thoughts, expectations and self-esteem is also saved. This means that he starts truly living and everyone around him can see this. For this reason, it is convenient for those who are born of God to do everything possible to spread the Truth, no matter where it my be, whether it is good or bad, near or distant, healthy or unhealthy, because the best place to preach the Gospel will always be where there is lose and suffering.

And it is precisely because of this awareness, fear and commitment to the Word of the Lord Jesus that Africa has been revived by faith and is, little by little, being won for Him.


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