Saturday, 20/1/2018 UTC+0
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • Anesthetized faith
    Anesthetized faith

    Nothing gives the devil more pleasure than watching believers who are addicted to the Bible. People who aren’t concerned about putting it into practice, but only in liking each other’s marvelous messages and in learning more, and more, and more… people who pride themselves in knowing more than the next person. The instructions in the Word of God are meant for disciples,…

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  • The vision of God
    The vision of God

    Bishop, I was recently listening to one of your messages and it made me reflect on how my life was a few years ago. It reminded me that I am a fruit of this Work for three years, when I participated in the Addiction Cleansing Therapy. I want to thank the Universal Church for existing…

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  • Depression and suicide among pastors
    Depression and suicide among pastors

    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, I AM AN EX-PASTOR: After two pastors committed suicide in the last couple of days, I had to share my testimony publicly. I do this, not with the intention of placing doubt in your hearts or changing your faith. But I do it for the sake of lives. I’m not afraid of…

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  • The Altar honors those who honor It
    The Altar honors those who honor It

    A true servant, a good and faithful servant, keeps his thoughts focused on the will of his Lord. And this is not only from time to time, no! Whether he is in church, at home, outside, this is, anywhere. I do not believe God has sporadic servants. Either you are His servant 24 hours a…

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  • Permanent action of the Holy Spirit
    Permanent action of the Holy Spirit

    I was meditating on the action of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the men of the past. In the Old Testament, for example, the prophets and patriarchs did not have the Holy Spirit permanently with them to direct them, they depended on a dream, a revelation or a Voice, like in the case…

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  • Clothed in deceit
    Clothed in deceit

    Jacob’s situation portrays that of many Christians scattered throughout the world. He gave his father the GAME (SACRIFICE) OF DECEIT, when without effort he sacrificed a goat to make food for Isaac. But Isaac said to his son, “How is it that you have found it so quickly, my son?” And he said, “Because the…

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  • God face to face…
    God face to face…

    Jacob was anointed the firstborn of his father, Isaac; Jacob had a vision of a ladder that its top reached to Heaven; In that vision, he saw angels ascending and descending the ladder; Jacob heard the Voice of the Lord at the top of the ladder; Jacob prospered and became richer than his master, Laban;…

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  • Which is your church?
    Which is your church?

    The Kingdom of God consists of order and discipline. As the body of the Lord, the Church (the Kingdom of God on Earth) is formed by those born of the Holy Spirit, distributed into various evangelical denominations. This perfect body works harmoniously and rigorously according to the Head. In it, there is no indiscipline, rebellion,…

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  • The firm foundation of things hoped for
    The firm foundation of things hoped for

    When it comes to invisible things, that are impossible to happen in man’s eyes, such as a healed illness, a delivered loved one, or any dream or personal fulfillment you want to see, faith in God’s Promises is the only way out. There is no other option. What kind of faith? As the text says,…

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