Sunday, 19/8/2018 UTC+1
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • Before I found peace my life was in shambles. It was not all, it seemed to be. I was full of grudges and hatred, I didn’t want to forgive and it was destroying me. I was insecure, I gave up easily when things didn’t work out. At the Help Centre I learned how to forgive…

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  • Mirror mirror on the wall
    Mirror mirror on the wall

    How does a person who fails in school end up going to university? How do they become so calm when they were once aggressive and filled with hatred? Read on and find out how Omolade Okaiyeto was able to turn her worst nightmare of a life into heaven on earth! Universal: Omolade, tell us how…

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  • From the streets to property owner
    From the streets to property owner

    From an early age, I already faced many adversities, which unfortunately had their negative effects while growing up. Of course, it wasn’t always like this. In fact, when I go down memory lane, I remember that my father had a great income, which enabled my family to live a stable life. But where did it all…

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  • At an all-time low
    At an all-time low

    Having to live with depression was even the little money that I received was like having a grey cloud constantly looming over my head, pouring a mixture of frustration, dissatisfaction and down-right misery over every single area of my life.

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  • One idea goes a long way
    One idea goes a long way

    I had no idea that the Campaign of Israel would create a potential avenue for financial success. I’m just 19 and I wanted to put God to the test because I refused to be a failure.

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  • A hopeless dream turns to reality
    A hopeless dream turns to reality

    I could have called my grandmother, “mum”. She was more deserving of the title. A bitter and hostile environment was not the right setting for a two- month-old child to grow up in, and so, I was taken to live with her.

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  • No longer the average girl
    No longer the average girl

    Average, mediocre, ordinary. Would you describe your life using these words? Do you respond to the question, “How are things going?” with, “They’re good?” The norm is okay for you. Slow progression or none at all is not that big of a deal for you, just as long as you have a roof over your…

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  • The secret to success is…
    The secret to success is…

    People want wealth and comfort, just as much as they want someone to share it with. They live their lives building a happy family and working hard for financial security. Sometimes they work without ever seeing the fruit of their labour, which is the unfortunate case of many nowadays.

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