David’s Smell

When David was chosen by God… Many people have come to us smelling of alcohol or marijuana; some are homeless, some have white powder (cocaine) on their noses, some are half naked – they have a very dirty life. All of them found open doors, were delivered and washed with the blood of Jesus and

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Faith and Peace

Doubt makes us lose sleep, destroys the innermost part of the human being and makes the soul restless. Without peace, there is no satisfaction, even with the best food, company, leisure or job. Every day, during the time we are awake, we will have to choose between faith and doubt; between looking at people and

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Faith and Courage

Faith and courage walk hand in hand. There is no faith without courage, just like there is no courage without faith. One depends on the other to obtain achievements. Three times God commanded Joshua to be strong and courageous. He was not referring to physical strength, but to spiritual strength, which has to do with

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The blood of faith boils

What else can we teach about Abraham that hasn’t already been taught? However, there is something that few have learned from the many examples of faith in the life of this hero: he has become a reference of the Living God on Earth. When we talk to people about God, many things remain unclear. After

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