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The perfect heart towards God

God makes everything in this world available to us, but He does not accept to share us with the world. He is the only Creator and Lord, which means He is to be worshipped, revered and feared above all things. The Biblical passage from 1 John 2:15 says that “if anyone loves the world, the love […]

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The Challenge of the Cross Event Were you there? How was your experience?  On the 22nd of October the Universal Church in Ireland received a special missionary visit by Bishop James where people and families had the opportunity to experience the power of God. At the event, those who were present received healing prayers, an empowering message for couples, a


Caleb Group Park Outing

Caleb Group IrelandCheck out the highlights from our events across the country from last Sunday 30th July. In some places where the weather was favourable we gathered for some physical exercise, which is extremely helpful for mental and physical development and wellbeing. We had a group at the Phoenix Park in Dublin and at Fitzgerald’s Park

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The Bread of Revelation

Has your life been a recurring cycle of unprecedented losses or problems that you have been unable to resolve? Or are you tired of coping with an issue that seems to have no cause or cure, such as sleepless nights, nightmares or feelings of heaviness that have been weighing you down? What if you knew

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