Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ( “UCKG” from now on). We develop this Privacy Notice (or simply “Notice”) in understandable and easily accessible language to help you understand who we are, what personal information we collect, why we collect this data, and what we do with it. Keep in mind that the term “personal data” (in this Notice also called “data” or “your data”) means any information or set of information that makes it possible to identify you personally, directly or indirectly, and particularly by reference to a identifier (for example, your first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.).

We strongly recommend that you take the time to read this Notice in its entirety.

When Does This Privacy Notice Apply?

This Notice covers how we collect and use your data, for example when you:

Visit or use our social media sites, apps, or channels;
Fill in forms, enter Telegram or Whatsapp groups;
Participate in an activity, group or event in our churches;
Contact us by phone or email;
Or interact with us in another way as a member or a visitor.

Who is the UCKG?

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) and is registered Irish charity (no. CHY16050), which has in its statute the primary mission of preaching the gospel and the Word of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

The UCKG is composed of bishops, pastors, assistants, employees and all those who assist in their spiritual and administrative activity.

Who is Responsible for the Treatment of Personal Data?

UCKG is the person responsible for the processing of your personal data. (Article 4, paragraph 7 of the GDPR).

What are the Data?

Personal data” is information about a living individual that allows their identification through them, such as name, photographs, videos, email or address. The identification may be by isolated information or in a context of other information (Article 4, paragraph 1 of the GDPR).

Sensitive personal data” or “Personal category personal data” means personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, and religious or philosophical beliefs; trade union membership; genetic data, biometric data treated simply to identify a human being; health-related data; data relating to the person’s sexual life or sexual orientation (Article 9 (1) of the GDPR).

Who Does the Data Treatment?

The subcontractors, namely the volunteers, employees and service providers of the UCKG, all covered by the duty of confidentiality and secrecy, and by the Internal Policy of Computer Security.

What Type of Data do We Collect?

Only with your consent, we will collect (in the church, online, by telephone, etc.) and treatment of your personal data.

We may collect your data, when you visit our church, participate in an event or use our sites or applications, contact us by phone or otherwise interact with us.

The list below gives an overview of the categories of data we can collect.

Information you provide directly:

Categories of Data

Example of Data

Identification Details Name, Surname, Titles, Photo, Date of Birth, etc.
Contact Details Address, Post code, email, mobile number, etc.
Professional Information School History, Profession, Skills, Certification, etc.
Emotional and Physical Information Marital Status, Family details, Health declaration, etc.
Law infraction and Criminal Data DBS check, Penalty Charges, etc.
Financial Data Bank details of suppliers and sponsors
Other data you decide to share Feedback, Instant Messages, emails, etc.

Finally, if you visit our facilities, for security reasons, we can also record your data through closed-circuit television systems ( CCTV ).

Information we collect automatically:

When you use our sites, we may collect information through cookies that are not personal data, sent by your computer, mobile phone or other access device. This can make your next visit easier and make the Website more useful to you.

How do We Use Your Data?

We may use your data for different legitimate purposes. Here is an overview of the purposes for which we can process your data:



To carry out comprehensive procedures and safeguard the well-being of all data subjects. Ensure a safe environment in our premises to all members and volunteers. Including children and vulnerable adults
To offer spiritual, emotional and social support. To visit people in hospitals, prisons, etc. As well as provide free cleric work as baptism, funerals, weddings, etc.
To notify about events, special meetings and activities organised by the charity. Through letters, emails, phone calls, sms messages, Telegram, Whatsapp, etc.
Celebrations, signature of certifications and documents. Wedding certificates, service notifications, contracts, legal agreements, etc.

How do We Use Your Marketing Data?

UCKG can send regular promotional communications about events and meetings in churches.

These promotional communications may use the “UCKG” or “UCKG Helpcentre” brand and may be sent through different channels, such as e-mail, telephone, SMS text messages, letters, social networks, etc.

When required by applicable law, we will ask for your consent prior to commencing the above activities.

In addition, we will give you the opportunity to withdraw your consent (opt-out) at any time, through the email:

In particular, you can always choose to stop receiving marketing emails by following the unsubscribe instructions in each email.

Please note that even if you decide to stop receiving marketing communications, you can still receive our administrative communications such as updates, order confirmations, activity notifications, and other important notices.

What is the Legal Basis Where We Can Use Your Data?

There are several ways to ensure the legality of our use of your data.

These include:

  1. Your consent (only when legally required or permitted). If we use your consent as a legal basis for the processing of your data, you may withdraw it at any time;
  2. The need to establish a contractual relationship with you and to comply with our obligations under a contract;
  3. The need to comply with legal obligations and to institute, compromise or defend us from lawsuits;
  4. Ensure that our networks and information are secure;
  5. Prevent or investigate suspicious or concrete breaches of the law, non-compliance with UCKG policies;
  6. The need to respond to your requests;
  7. The need to protect the vital interests of any person;

When do We Share You Data?

We do not share your data, except for the limited assumptions described here.

If it is necessary to fulfil the objectives described in this Notice, we may disclose your data to the following entities:

To the UCKG in other countries: Due to our global nature, your data, such as testimony, may be shared with certain UCKG in other countries.

Service Providers: We may outsource certain data processing activities to trusted service providers we have contracted to perform functions, such as IT service providers, consultants and carriers, for example, travel agencies for Israel, Brazil, etc;

Public and governmental authorities: When required by law, or as necessary to protect our rights, we may share your data with entities that regulate or have jurisdiction over the UCKG.

Professional and other services: We may share your data with other parties, including service providers such as banks, insurance companies, auditors, lawyers, accountants and other professional consultants.

Transfers of data, to which you have not given your consent, will always be preceded by your prior consent.

When do We Transfer Your Data to the Exterior?

Due to our global nature, the data you provide can be transferred (or accessed) to the UCKG in several countries. As a result, your data may be processed outside of the country where you live, if that is necessary to fulfil the objectives described in this Notice.

If you are located in a member country of the European Economic Area, we may transfer your data to countries located outside the European Economic Area. Some of these countries are recognized by the European Commission as having an adequate level of protection. With regard to the transfer of information from the European Economic Area to other countries that are not recognized by the European Commission as having an adequate level of protection, we must implement appropriate measures to protect their data, such as organizational and legal measures (eg rules binding contractual clauses approved by the European Commission).

How Long Do We Keep Your Data?

We keep your data for the period of 2 years, except legal provision to the contrary.

How do We Protect Your Information?

To protect your data, we will take appropriate action that is consistent with applicable data protection and security laws and regulations, including requiring our service providers to take appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality and security of your data. Depending on the state of the art technology, the implementation costs and the nature of the data to be protected, we will implement technical and organizational measures to prevent risks such as destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access to your data.

What Are Your Responsibilities?

We would like to remind you that it is your responsibility to ensure, to the best of your knowledge, that the data you provide is accurate, complete and current. In addition, if you choose to share other people’s data with us, it is your responsibility to collect such data in accordance with local legal requirements. For example, you should inform such persons, whose information you are providing, of the content of this Notice and obtain explicit consent from them.

Get Data From Children?

We do not collect information from children under the age of 16 without the prior explicit consent of the parents.

Special Note for Children under 16: If you are under 16, we advise you to speak and obtain the consent of your parents or guardians before sharing your data with us;

Special Note for Parents of Children under 16: We recommend that you verify and monitor the use of our services, applications (including websites and other digital channels) by your children, to ensure that you do not share personal data with us without your permission.

When Will This Privacy Notice Be Updated?

This privacy notice may change periodically.

The most current version of this Notice will govern our use of your data and can be found on the site:

If you do not agree to this privacy notice, please do not provide your information.

What Are Your Choices?

We always try to give you access to your data.

If you wish, you can contact our Office to:

Revise, amend or delete the data you provided to us (to the extent that the UCKG is not permitted or required to maintain such data);
Answer certain data processing operations, for example, choose to stop receiving marketing communications;
Receive a copy of your data (in machine-readable form, to the extent required by applicable law);
Ask any question concerning the protection of your data in the UCKG.
Contact us by email:
We will do our best to meet your request, in a timely and free way. In some cases, you may need to verify your identity before we can act to respond to your request. If you are not satisfied with the response received, you may forward your complaint to the relevant regulatory authority in your jurisdiction.


If you wish to submit a complaint, you can do so directly to our email: or to the Data Protection Commission (DPC) through the website: or email: