The perfect heart towards God

God makes everything in this world available to us, but He does not accept to share us with the world. He is the only Creator and Lord, which means He is to be worshipped, revered and feared above all things. The Biblical passage from 1 John 2:15 says that “if anyone loves the world, the love […]

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YOUNG PEOPLE CAME TOGETHER TO SAY ‘NO’ TO SUICIDE IN IRELAND The “Life’s Worth Living” event was promoted by volunteers from the Victory Youth Group (VYG) of the Universal Church in the country. Ireland, the 8th most peaceful place on Earth due to its low levels of violence is contrasted by its high suicide rate. According


Where Is My Honour?

If there is Someone who deserves honour and respect, that Someone would be God, after all without Him nothing would exist. This is known to all but unfortunately only acknowledged by a few. In the Bible, God calls the attention of those who were not honouring Him: “A son honors his father, And a servant

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CALEB GROUP EVENT – Arts and Crafts

The Caleb Group hold monthly arts and crafts events with all our senior citizens involved in the project and anyone looking to join in. Let’s get creative! These events and monthly project provides opportunities for older people to be more creative more often, to create meaningful participation and representation for all older people in cultural

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The importance of communication

A new badge on London Underground encouraging commuters to talk to each other. Commuters usually avoid exchanging glances in the public transport systems of big cities; this is no different in the UK and Ireland. Talking to strangers is not a daily habit, and the famous English phrase “every man is an island” sometimes says

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