The Fear of the Lord

Princes persecute me without a cause, but my heart stands in awe of Your Word. Psalms 119.161 Those who fear the Lord, fear His Word and those who fear the Word, fear the Lord of the Word. The Lord Jesus Christ teaches that those who obey His Word also love Him, and My Father will […]

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The Altar is greater

The Altar is a place for: – Surrender – Sacrifice – Alliances – Truth – Sincerity   It is the place where we place ourselves in the dependence of God; It is the place where we place God above everything else; It is the place of the chosen few; It is the place for those

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False faith and love

Faith and love seem to be the most used words in the world. However, few people have lived their reality. The lack of discernment has led many to suffer and even lose their lives because of them. When speaking of faith, the human mind automatically associates it with religion. This is natural faith, indifferent and

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