Friday, 20/7/2018 UTC+1
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • True elegance
    True elegance

    A person’s proper development does not happen overnight, it is a continuous process that should begin early in life. Most parents have a difficult time with the most important requirements in their child’s education: setting limits and teaching the fundamental rules of human coexistence. When we learn that we are not the centre of attention,…

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  • How to pray when you don’t feel like it
    How to pray when you don’t feel like it

    Sometimes even I don’t feel like praying — and I’m a bishop. It’s normal. Human beings are very fickle. One day you feel like you can take on the world. The next day you feel like you don’t want to be in the world.   Feelings. If we live by them, we’re doomed.   Thank…

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  • I always do it!
    I always do it!

    The Lord Jesus’ entire life serves as a perfect model of what we should imitate and work to be like. Today I want to point out, in this text, one of the phases of His life that I admire the most: His communion with the Father. Since eternity, the Lord Jesus is co-equal to God…

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  • Free from all the past hurt
    Free from all the past hurt

    Before I came to the UCKG my life was completely destroyed, I was sick with a disease that had no diagnosis. I suffered from constant headaches day and night . I was mentally lost, I had no desire to live and I had no joy or hope for anything in life. I would be around…

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  • Be careful with what you say!
    Be careful with what you say!

    The words we say have the power of defining our path in this world. Although a lot has been taught about the way we speak, what’s good and what’s not, a majority of people ignore this and let their tongue free to say curse words about themselves or people around them. I see this teaching even with…

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  • Virtuous identity
    Virtuous identity

    A woman who possesses a virtuous identity is firm and consistent in doing good, not only to others but also, especially, to herself. Many are mistaken in thinking that they are good because they help other people but don’t help themselves. Instead of avoiding certain things, they get involved in what is harmful and don’t…

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  • What kind of love is that
    What kind of love is that

    Amazing how something sublime as love has nowadays become something temporary. A high percentage of failed marriages revealed that their type of love doesn’t last. That’s right, there are two kinds of “love”, and unfortunately, most people only know one type, the temporary one. It is very similar with the real one but it’s not…

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