Thursday, 30/3/2017 UTC+1
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  • The Challenge of the Cross
    The Challenge of the Cross

    Have you ever been so mad about a situation or problem that you are going through? You have gone through the phases wondering, crying, asking ‘why?’, shutting down and finally reaching a point of anger. You are pretty cross! So, what do you do with this anger? It has to go somewhere, somewhere profitable. Why…

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  • Stop suffering
    Stop suffering

    Difficulties in life can often leave you feeling distressed, in pain and even on the brink of giving up altogether, but you needn’t let the hardship take away your peace. No matter what troubles may have caused you to suffer up until now, there is a way out. Receive spiritual support to help get your…

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  • The Last Day…
    The Last Day…

    It could have been on the first day; Or any other day, But it happened on the last day, The GREAT DAY OF THE FEAST, where Jesus stood and cried out… There are two ways to cry out: you can cry out because you’ve revolted against a situation or to shout in a tone of…

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  • What do you desire for your life?
    What do you desire for your life?

    Year after year, we see that the evil one has decreed suffering and destruction in the lives of many people. It might be happening to you right now. 2017 has barely begun, but you may have already been surprised by bad news: unemployment, divorce, the death of a loved one or diagnosis of an incurable…

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  • Special Message
    Special Message

    Video Message 11 (27/02/2017) Video Message 11 (25/02/2017) Video Message 10 (22/02/2017) Video Message 9 (22/02/2017) Video Message 8 (20/02/2017) Video Message 7 (18/02/2017) Video Message 6 (17/02/2017) Video Message 5 (15/02/2017) Video Message 4 (13/02/2017) Video Message 3 (11/02/2017) Video Message 1 (10/02/2017) Introduction  

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    Now it’s your turn! How many times have you tried to change your habits, behavior and way of thinking? Too much information and worries disturb our minds, and can influence how we go about our daily lives. Every day, we are contaminated by news which shows the sorry state our society is in. Music that…

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