Thursday, 18/1/2018 UTC+0
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

    IT IS CHARACTERISTIC FOR THE HUMAN BEING TO SURRENDER TO THE PROBLEMS OR OBSTACLES THAT HIS EYES SEE, FORGETTING THE PAST ACHIEVEMENTS AND WHO HAS ALLOWED HIM TO GET WHERE HE IS … At this precise moment, do not think about your problems … think with me, and follow my line of reasoning … First,…

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    PHYSICAL INFIDELITY happens when you sexually engage with another person; but there’s also EMOTIONAL INFIDELITY, which happens when you let your heart be led by feelings and fantasies about other people. You take from your partner what is exclusively theirs and give it to someone else. This is why Jesus warned us that just by…

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  • 3 Steps that will change your life
    3 Steps that will change your life

    The Campaign of Israel is a challenge of faith based upon the Word of God. People’s prayer requests are taken to the Holy Land: Israel – a place where God’s power was greatly manifested in the past. The objective of the Campaign of Israel is to awaken people’s faith. When a person’s faith is awakened, and…

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  • Do you want to have a good night’s sleep?
    Do you want to have a good night’s sleep?

    The majority of us enjoy when night comes. The day of work is over, and the moment of rest draws near. Usually, the days are always busy, because of the tasks and commitments that challenge us all the time, but it’s at the time of rest that we regain our strength for the next day.…

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  • Persecution in Africa
    Persecution in Africa

    Hello, bishop! I am writing to let you know what happened here in Central Africa. Last week, there was an attack by the Seleka Muslim militia on some Christian churches in a neighborhood here in the capital. Five pastors were killed. Because of this, the Christian militia invaded a Muslim neighborhood and killed seven Muslims…

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  • The partner who lies
    The partner who lies

    NO RELATIONSHIP can withstand lies. Sometimes the liar does it out of fear. Fear is a great generator of lies. Any lie is a character flaw, but fear makes it even worse. Therefore, to stop lying, the partner must first confront their fears and overcome them. The problem is that many couples do not cultivate…

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  • Day of the living
    Day of the living

    Halloween, or better, All Hallow’s Eve, is, in essence, a celebration of the dead. The Celts who originated this ancient festival believed that on this day the dead could walk amongst the living, and the living could visit the dead. On that day, some would dress up like ghouls or offer treats to the spirits…

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  • 9,572 mornings
    9,572 mornings

    TODAY I HEARD A SINGLE LADY say that her favorite movie is “50 First Dates” because Adam Sandler’s character spends the entire movie having to win back Drew Barrymore’s love every time she wakes up. And I felt SORRY for this young lady’s future husband. Believe it or not: romantic movies are a poison to…

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