Saturday, 18/11/2017 UTC+0
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • The partner who lies
    The partner who lies

    NO RELATIONSHIP can withstand lies. Sometimes the liar does it out of fear. Fear is a great generator of lies. Any lie is a character flaw, but fear makes it even worse. Therefore, to stop lying, the partner must first confront their fears and overcome them. The problem is that many couples do not cultivate…

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  • Day of the living
    Day of the living

    Halloween, or better, All Hallow’s Eve, is, in essence, a celebration of the dead. The Celts who originated this ancient festival believed that on this day the dead could walk amongst the living, and the living could visit the dead. On that day, some would dress up like ghouls or offer treats to the spirits…

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  • 9,572 mornings
    9,572 mornings

    TODAY I HEARD A SINGLE LADY say that her favorite movie is “50 First Dates” because Adam Sandler’s character spends the entire movie having to win back Drew Barrymore’s love every time she wakes up. And I felt SORRY for this young lady’s future husband. Believe it or not: romantic movies are a poison to…

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  • PEACE: impossible without this decision
    PEACE: impossible without this decision

    WHO WANTS PEACE? The answer is obvious. However, what is not obvious is that peace is not achieved without forgiveness.  Having peace will be impossible, as long as we fail to understand that we need the forgiveness of those whom we hurt and that we need to forgive them when they hurt us. Be it…

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  • What if you put yourself in the other person’s shoes?
    What if you put yourself in the other person’s shoes?

    LOVE INCLUDES always thinking about how to make your partner’s life better. You strive to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and imagine what he or she is going through. Then ask yourself: “What would I like done to me if I were in this situation?”  If you had worked the whole day at…

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  • It seemed impossible to change
    It seemed impossible to change

    My name is Marcus. I was born in the favela of Mandela, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. I was an outgoing child; I loved to play ball and fly kites. My childhood was normal, like any other child. My mother did everything in her power to raise my 3 brothers and me.…

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  • Tip: Whole and resolved
    Tip: Whole and resolved

    When a person is not emotionally whole and resolved, they run a serious risk when starting a relationship: making their partner their everything. They tend to find their sense of worth and love in their partner. And so, they become suffocating, for their partner is their sole source of love and worth. Anything their partner…

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