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From Wilderness to Garden

Life is meant to blossom and grow. It is not supposed to be stagnant and it is certainly not meant to regress. Even when we face struggles and difficulties, at some point, we should overcome them because nothing lasts forever. However, maybe your life feels as though you have been in the midst of a …

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The Night Vigil of the Rock

Join us on Friday, 18 June at 9pm The baptism in the Holy Spirit is the most important promise the Lord Jesus made to mankind. However, for us to receive Him, there must be sincere and unconditional surrender. But unfortunately, many are ignoring the Holy Spirit, which is why they haven’t received Him. Why would …

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The Sunday of the Reencounter

The sun rises and sets, and you go about your day like clockwork. You have your responsibilities, and on the outside, everything looks the same, but you know the truth. You’re not the same. Nothing has felt right for a long time. It’s an ache that only you feel; an emptiness that only you know. …

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