Marriage Celebration 2024

When preparing for a wedding, many couples are overwhelmed by the endless small details and end up forgetting the most important thing in a marriage: God’s blessing. This even happens among Christians.

However, it is the Altar that will help the bride and groom to deal with married life. After all, it is at the Altar where they stop being two individuals and become one and with God’s blessing they will be able to grow in their new life together.

Furthermore, the main and most important thing – which is the blessing of God, does not require money. It is free and available to those who wish to have a lasting relationship under the will of God.

That’s why on Thursday, 30 May at 8pm we will be hosting the Marriage Celebration at our Universal Church in Kilburn.

If you and your partner wish to make your covenant official before God, please see the procedure you must follow to receive this blessing.

The first stage is for the couple to marry at the registry office. Without it, the bride and groom will not be able to make the union official at the Altar. Therefore, if you wish to take part in this event, you should go to the registry office as soon as possible.

Once you have scheduled the wedding in the registry office, or if you are already civilly married, the couple can send an email to register their interest at 

It is worth mentioning that the ceremony at the Altar will not require impeccable decoration nor an expensive wedding dress or suit, but the pure intention of the bride and groom to make the union official under the blessing of God.

For more information about the Marriage Celebration, you can send us an email or speak with your Pastor at your local Universal Church.

Event: Marriage Celebration 2024
Date and Time: Thursday, 30 May at 7:30pm
Location:  157 Phibsborough Road, Dublin 7, D07YN73

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