Thursday, 22/2/2018 UTC+0
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • I’m not happy with myself
    I’m not happy with myself

    When you’re not happy with yourself, there’s an anguish that constantly blames everything that’s wrong in the world for your unhappiness. It’s people who don’t understand you. It’s things that are not as they should be. It’s injustice that makes you angry… Too many wrong things! A feeling of helplessness takes over; sheer anguish. This…

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  • Hatred, grudge, and forgiveness
    Hatred, grudge, and forgiveness

          Hatred is a form of cancer that slowly kills its victim. The healing is free and simple: forgiveness. Yet, the patient wrongly thinks that revenge is the cure. Forgiveness is simple. Note that I didn’t say it’s easy. It is simple because it only depends on one’s decision. Deciding to forgive is…

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  • When you realise you have to change
    When you realise you have to change

    Over the course of our lives, we go through many experiences that shape us — or at least these experiences try to. If we are blind and deaf to what each experience teaches us, then our character cannot be shaped and that’s the problem many of us carry inside. Our human heart is just so…

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