Sunday, 25/3/2018 UTC+1
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • The vision of God
    The vision of God

    Bishop, I was recently listening to one of your messages and it made me reflect on how my life was a few years ago. It reminded me that I am a fruit of this Work for three years, when I participated in the Addiction Cleansing Therapy. I want to thank the Universal Church for existing…

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  • John Dalessandro
    John Dalessandro

    I suffered from horrific panic attacks, depression and anxiety for years I could not live a normal life because of the constant feeling of dying.The deaths of family members and bad experiences I faced in the past caused me a lot of traumas making me to be completely messed up in my head in a…

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  • Onalenna Ntshingane
    Onalenna Ntshingane

    Before coming to the Universal Church I was lost, my life was a mess, I didn’t have hope for the future and I was living day by day not really knowing why I was still alive. I was depressed, I had anxiety, I had problems with sexual dreams, I had insecurities, was shy, I thought…

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  • My husband is no longer a gambler
    My husband is no longer a gambler

    Repeatedly my husband and I were betrayed by relatives, friends and business partners. We worked hard but we lost lots of money by trusting in people and luck. My husband was also a bettor, which made our financial situation even worse. He would lose all his money on bets that only brought more debts and…

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  • Happily married
    Happily married

    Before coming to the UCKG HelpCentre I suffered a lot. Due to a broken relationship in which I had my first child, I became depressed, so depressed to the point where I couldn’t sleep at night. My depression got worse, as I saw myself not being able to provide for my child, there were days…

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  • Free from all the past hurt
    Free from all the past hurt

    Before I came to the UCKG my life was completely destroyed, I was sick with a disease that had no diagnosis. I suffered from constant headaches day and night . I was mentally lost, I had no desire to live and I had no joy or hope for anything in life. I would be around…

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  • It seemed impossible to change
    It seemed impossible to change

    My name is Marcus. I was born in the favela of Mandela, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. I was an outgoing child; I loved to play ball and fly kites. My childhood was normal, like any other child. My mother did everything in her power to raise my 3 brothers and me.…

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