Fear of the holy things

Meditate on this… Her priests have violated My law and profaned My holy things; they have not distinguished between the holy and unholy… Ezekiel 22.26 They have violated My law:they misuse the Word of God by using It to do their own will, just like Satan did in the wilderness when tempting our Lord Jesus. …

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Deceiving Spirits

Churches are filled with them, this is why there are so many scandals and bad testimonies among ‘Christians.’ Deceiving spirits are behind gossip, conflict, rebellion, and hidden sin. They are constantly up to no good. And those who are not born of God, end up being used by them. The urgent need to be born …

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Emotional faith vs. Rational faith

Emotional faith feels, rational faith thinks; Emotional faith sees and attests to circumstances, rational faith believes in what is written; Emotional faith, upon hearing the sound of the drums of war, trembles and fears. Upon hearing the war cry, rational faith sees, by faith, the Lord of hosts taking action; Emotional faith makes decisions with …

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